Visit to Grindelwald (Hints & Accomodation)

Many people come just for a day to Grindelwald. Often they just run up to the Jungfraujoch (Top of Europe) and then they go back to Interlaken for example. But if you want to experience the magic of the Swiss Alps and the power of this place, you should stay a little bit longer. And there’s a lot more to discover as just the look on the Jungfrau or the Eiger. We do not live permanently in Grindelwald, we’re tourists as well, but we love this spot and that’s why we spend a lot of our time in Summer and in Winter there. So we know the area quite well and we would like to share our Top 5 for each category: Restaurants, Hotels, Bars, Winter activities, Summer activities and as last the Top 5 to see in Grindelwald before you die 😉 !

Top 5 Restaurants

  1. Da Salvi (Hotel Steinbock) – It’s not just the Italian, it’s THE Italian Restaurant (Great meat as well)
  2. Restaurant Aspen – Very, very stylish and cosy, good kitchen
  3. Berghaus Bort – The food is average, but it’s a cool mountain cabana, stylish, good service and with an incredible view on the Eiger
  4. Restaurant Wetterhorn – Old fashioned Swiss Restaurant, there are locals as well
  5. C&M (Coffee & More) – Great pastry and good small dishes, a place for girls

For more restaurant suggestions please refer to our Restaurant Guide to Grindelwald


Top 5 Hotels

If you don’t want to rent our beautiful appartement, we suggest the following hotels:

  1. Hotel Aspen – Very stylish but far away from “Downtown”
  2. Romantik Hotel Schweizerhof – Romantic, it’s a classical ****
  3. Hotel Eiger – In the middle of the village, hip & rustical but sometimes noisy
  4. Hotel KirchbĂźhl – Cozy and quiet, also a classical ****
  5. ? open….


  • tbd

Top 5 Summer activities

  1. Top of Europe
  2. A hike to the Bachalpsee
  3. A Day in the public bath
  4. The Felix Trail with kids
  5. The bird hospital


Top 5 Winter activities

  1. Go for Ski and do it on First (Incredible View) and do a pit-stop at the Rancher Bar
  2. Go to the Top of Europe
  3. Go for a sleigh ride (All  bob runs are great)
  4. ? open/tbd
  5. ? open/tbd

Top 5 things  to see in Grindelwald before you die

  1. Again: Top of Europe
  2. Drink a Munikafi at the Rancher Bar
  3. A Lunch at the Hotel Wengernalp
  4. A hike to the Bachalpsee
  5. ? open/tbd

Further informations

  • An overview of the directions from/to Grindelwald can be found here (in German)
  • A map including airport location can be found here 

Last but not least

  • They have a great playground by the Berghaus Bort, where they tell fairy tales every Wednesday afternoon (Summer)
  • Take the cable car up to Pfingstegg and take a ride with the summer-tobogan (the hike up lasts 1.30 h)
  • Rock climbing park/school in the sports centre (Bad weather program for winter/autumn)

All suggestions are personal opinions and based on personal experiences.

Last update: 16-jan-2013