Visit to Berne (Directions & Accomodation)

The Trip – Where do you want to fly to?:


  • Flying to Berne.
    The small Airport is 15 Minutes away from the City of Berne and 10 Minutes away from our Home. Pickup is absolutely feasible. If you want to take a taxi you’ll need to spend 50 Bucks for a fare (Taxi is incredibly expensive in CH).
  • Flying to Zürich.
    Handling in Zurich is fast, the Airport has an Train-Station
    – Travelling time from/to Berne: 1h 20 by Train, 2 h by Car
    – Travelling costs Train 1st Class: 89 CHF (68EUR)
    – Travelling costs Train 2nd Class: 52 CHF (44 EUR)
    – Travelling costs 2 adults and 3 Kids:
    1st-C: 311 CHF (260 EUR)
    2nd-C: 182 CHF ( 152 EUR)
  • Flying to Geneva
    Handling in Geneva is as fast as in Zurich, the advantage is that there are a lot of Low-Cost Carriers flying there. Disadvantage is that it takes “longer” to get there, especially by train, BUT it’s one of the most beautiful Train-routes I know!

    Do you see the railway track? It is on the top of the picture 🙂

    – Travelling time from/to Berne: 2h by Train, 1h 45  by Car
    – Travelling costs Train: Are the same as for Zurich (see above)

  • If you want buy tickets, go to the SBB Ticket Shop (and always try to buy City-Tickets, these include the Trams and Buses in the Cities)

Your accomodation in Berne (Muri)

At a Hotel close to us: There are a plenty of Hotels in the City, but if you want to stay at a Hotel which is nearby there is a good one directly near by the tramway  station. It is named Gasthof Sternen. We have corporate rates there.

The Hotel has a Best Western+ Standard and I can really recommend it! Here you can see the directions to the City and here is the itinary by foot to our home (Google maps can’t display the shortest way).

In Grindelwald

We really strongly suggest that – when you’re here – you go to Grindelwald to see the mountains. It’s a gorgeous place and we own an beautiful appartement there. It’s just 45 Minutes from our House away so it’s really easy to get there.

Renting is possible, we have 4-6 Beds so it’s large enough for a whole family. For further information take a look on the appartement-page, or watch the picture gallery (unfortunately in German, sorry). If you’re asking yourself how to get there: That’s not a problem. There are trains every hour and it’s easy to get there with a (rental) car. The photograph below is a picture taken in late Summer 2012 from our terasse:

With direct view to the glacier, great place to eat a fondue!

And this is the standard view you have in Grindelwald:

The Jungfrau, you can go up there by train

So you can go to the Top of Europe or make a Hike to the Bachalpsee (can be done with sneakers, just 1h walk) or visit Piz Gloria, which is known from the James Bond Movie…